Open play for adults 18 and up on Tuesday and Thursdays. Games will be played 5 v 5 for 2 hours. Each game will be played for 7.5 minutes each for a total of 16 games. The winning team will play for a maximum of 2 games. We will need at least 10 players to start the game. The cost is $15.00 for 2 hours of play. Please contact us if you have any questions.  Please use the link below to register.

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The use of a smaller ball is at the heart of our Triple C Soccer TOCA Soccer Training:

•Increases focus and concentration
•Generates less wear and tear on the body
•Creates technical challenge due to smaller sweet spot
•Safely teaches proper heading technique with a low impact ball


Triple C Soccer TOCA Training enables every player to get the equivalent of a game’s worth of quality touches in a matter of minutes. Through accelerated repetition, players build confidence and proper technique becomes instinct.

•Precise, programmable delivery of around 700 quality touches per hour
•Builds muscle memory
•Improves weak foot technique
•Game relevance ensured by following professionally developed TOCA Curriculum

Delivers balls up to 50mph

With the option to deliver each ball at speeds up to 50mph, you can improve delivery on the first touch, while improving control of the ball.

Delivers every 2-9 seconds

The Touch Trainer can quickly increase or decrease the intensity of a workout to match the ability of a TOCA athlete.

44 degrees of delivery

Toca can deliver the ball to the left, right, or center, resulting in full coverage of positioning on the field.

From zero to 45 degrees

Toca can deliver each ball on the ground, as a lob, or shoot it into the air, simulating real game-time ball delivery.